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Posted by Satyrn16 at Sep 5, 2005 3:43:53 PM
Crews seeking Pirates
Ahoy! Please post here if yer crew be looking for pirates in the Sage Ocean. I'll start us off:

Hell's Angels was founded on Sage by a core group of experienced pirates migrating from the Midnight ocean. Most of our officers have been playing the game for well over a year and some are even beta testers. So we know the game and know it well. We have access to all the resources ye need to become the best possible pirate ye can be.

Our crew wishes to pass on our vast wealth of knowledge about YPP and is seeking pirates who wish to learn anything and everything about the game and are willing to take the time to learn it right the first time.

If ye'd like more information about the Angels, ye can type /cwho Hell's Angels to view our crew info and who's online in-game. If ye wish to join, just ask any of our officers or myself in-game or send me a PM here.

See ye in Hell.

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