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Posted by Indeed at Aug 3, 2005 11:10:51 AM
Re: Save the Kittens Poetry Hour
Sadly, kittens will have to die.

Yes, some of you sent in entries. I got 13 glorious limericks! I was so pleased!

Except... oh my! Sadly for the kittens, i got less voters than entries and every voter voted for a different limerick.

So, kittens will die, this idea will get shelved and each person who sent me a limerick will get 1000 poe, payable on the ocean of their choice, except Ice, because i spent all my poe there on a house.

<3 and kisses,
Dmentia says, "It thrills me when Indeed is mean."
SomeIdiot tells you, "I am muting you, because you're unnormal, maybe you're hurt in real life"
Quoth Rubby, "There's something wrong with your brain."

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