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Posted by muffy at May 29, 2003 4:15:50 AM
ships for trading
samskivert wrote: 
It is the responsibility of the Weaver to pay enough for hemp to motivate players to trade in it. If they don't, they'll go out of business and be replaced by someone who will.

Indeed, I was expecting more of this to happen than has happened so far, though Duncan and I are in a bidding war for iron at the moment.

samskivert wrote: 
Also, the small sloop is not the best suited for trading as is evidenced by trading in the bulkier commodities. The merchant brig is a trading vessel and can accordingly hold a substantial quantity of hemp.

With the quantities of things currently being produced, I'd say that the large sloop is the ideal trading vessel - it's as fast as the small, if well-staffed, can be easily staffed with players and jobbers (or npps), can be used for pillage along the way, and has sufficient carrying capacity to buy out any island of a commodity. Over the long term, the brig (or galleon...mmm, love those tasty galleons!) is a fine choice for traders, and it is fairly easy to stock it up with cheap npps (or equivalent new players looking for a small amount of cash) to defend against attack while trading. Though eventually I'd love to have an "escort" fleet for my trading vessels - if my first mate Pneumothorax was protecting me from pillagers, I'd have no fear! *smile*
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