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Posted by Indeed at Jul 28, 2005 5:49:43 AM
Save the Kittens Poetry Hour
Old stuff tiny, new stuff on page 2!

[size=9]Eris was a gift, a treasure, her Poetry Corner was beyond compare.

Though i'm unable to fill her shoes, i think Poetry Corner should be carried on.

This past wednesday i demanded of my listeners a Sonnet, and four wonderous participants came through. (who should bother me when i'm on for their prizes <3 )

I think, if i'm to continue this fiasco, i should give notice, for a fine work of art cannot be bludgened out in 2 hours. (well, that's a lie - abovementioned entrants provided startlingly capable sonnets in such a short time)

Each week a different topic and style shall be posted here. Entries shall be emailed to

Around 9:15pm EST (6:15pm PST) on Wednesday evenings i shall do my best to do justice to these fine entries by reading them aloud on my Shanty Raid-io show. That time (6:15pm PST) also happens to be the deadline! Magical how that works, eh?

Each entry will be clearly identified with a number, color or type of breakfast food, which should be sent to me in a tell in order to vote for said entry.

So, in essence, you not only win the chance to hear your poetry brought to life by my dulcet tones, you may also win fabulous prizes!

*Often the theme will be something that can be taken in many ways. Don't ask me for clarification - do what you will with it!*
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