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Posted by BobTheVirus at Jul 27, 2005 9:33:43 AM
A poem about greenies
Greenie greenie you annoy me so
greenie greenie in puzzle pirates in does not snow!
please go away, you annoy everyone
please go away! With you I cant have fun!

Greenie Greenie! you have changed to light green!
I suppose you have matured a little so it seems!
But still you will never get to yellow like me!
with that light greenie, I am off to the sea!

Greenie Greenie! Your colors changed again!
Why it seems like yesterday you tried to fight a hen!
Now you can go up to greenies and smack em.
Heck mabey one day you might become a capn...

Greenie greenie! your colors
Greenie Greenie, I never meant to make fun of you...
Please dont dissconect me I'm sorry as you see.
Greenie Greenie now you can make fun of me...

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