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Posted by Artemis at Oct 23, 2003 6:07:51 AM
Re: Are forum accounts and game accounts the same?
ctate wrote: 
One of my crewmates believes that forum accounts are not the same as game accounts. Yes? No?

Forum accounts are the same as game accounts.

ctate wrote: 
The sidebar date on forum posts is that forum account's creation date, certainly; on the backend, are the accounts "the same" in some meaningful way?

If I change my password here in the account management part of the website, does that change my forum access password and my game-login password?

Aye, your password into the forums is the same as that into the game. Change it on here, and your game password changes as well.

Your forum join date is when you signed up for Y!PP, it's possible you did not create a pirate until after that date, (as ye will see Captain Cleaver's join date is before the Alpha test was even released!)

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