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Posted by Siggy at Jun 19, 2005 1:45:25 PM
Re: [Viridian] Intent for Conglin
Facts ----> logical conclusions

Logical conclusions -----XXXX--->fact


OM contesting blockades!=player's contesting

Sorry, it isn't the same. I would believe that there would be a great outcry if the only reason a flag lost an island was because of OM spawned ships. The OMs would never field enough ships/people to put an island bid in danger unless they screwed up (origional blockades on Cobalt, for example). Simply put, if they did, then the risk vs reward would be too high to be worth the trouble since Narya could get ships till the cows come home. Ships going glub sink glub? Sure. Narya defending an outpost? Not gonna happen.

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What happens when you beat whiny sword fighters with overpowered trash swords...
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