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Posted by joris at Jun 19, 2005 12:41:35 PM
Re: [Viridian] Intent for Conglin
Siggy wrote: 
Fact: Req and P4P are allied with SSS

Fact: Req and P4P blockades started 30 minutes before SSS's blockade started.

Therefore, it is logicial to conclude that SSS is protecting the blockades of Req. and P4P by blockadeing Olive.

Ok, so i guess it would be against reason for 2 flags to want to blockade an island they want the weekend it comes out, and for a flag that was going to blockade the weekend before to blockade now due to difficulties the weekend before?

Logic is not fact. Do not mistake the two. No one from Pay for Play asked SSS to blockade olive to "shield" our blockade. We would not have asked Castor to come in and create some entertainment if we wanted an actionless blockade the olive battle provided us. We would have loved for the ketchy cubby that MDM had planned at the conglin blockade to go forward, but it was not our decision to cancel that. Please do not make our flags look bad for fielding 2 frigates and 2 brigs for a tiny little outpost.
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