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Posted by Tiernan at Jun 17, 2005 12:49:43 AM
Re: [Viridian] Intent for Conglin
Akumu wrote: 

Do the leaders of Pay for Play express any remorse for the fact that they used said alts to sink smaller, inexperienced pirates with no political injury to said last flag.

Show remorse for sinking ships of a flag they were at war with?

Akumu wrote: 

Yes. I'm horrible for "smearing" a flag that was founded by Poesink to wage war on newer flags who, at the time, had little exprience in anything

War only happens when the second flag accepts the declaration of war. Are you saying they took of advantage of these flags because they didn't know what it meant to accept the declaration of war? If that is the case, then mabye they shouldn't have formed a flag before they knew this basic fact.

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