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Posted by Akumu at Jun 16, 2005 3:17:41 PM
Re: [Viridian] Intent for Conglin
Yes. I'm horrible for "smearing" a flag that was founded by Poesink to wage war on newer flags who, at the time, had little exprience in anything. According to Tristan, a prince of Pay for Play, Poesink is an alt of one of the characters in said flag. Poesink has a sea battle rating of Broad/Able, while the main, according to Tristan, is currently Solid/Ultimate.

I'm a mostly inactive player now, however, it irks me to see flags who were founded to grief inexperienced players acting like that never happened. You wanna go support griefers on Viridian, be my guest. As far as "smearing" goes, I'm just reminding the rest of the playerbase what the leadership of Pay for Play want to ignore.

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