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Posted by CrispyMean at Jun 14, 2005 10:59:06 AM
[CONTEST][MIDNIGHT] Sketch us! And win 5000 poe!
Sketch me (Pirateerer) AND Jaggard. Here are a coupl'photos.

A very basic photo

A nicer photo

And another photo(thumbnailed for size)

All entrys MUST be sketched i.e no color and done with a pencil. Or a photoshop pencil. Or a mouse. Or whatever.

First Prize: 5000 PoE
Second Prize: 1000 PoE
Third Prize: Meh, sorry no more money on me

[size=18]Please dont get this pinned up on the news page
[size=8]We are pretty shy you know

Sketched means preferably black and white/grey. Entrys done with a pencil are suggested, but you can do anything you want

PLEASE PUT IN SOME EFFORT: Dont want to see stick figures, please.

You can draw me and Jaggard in ANY clothes. Not just the ones in the picture. In any theme too.

[size=10]Thanks to ImageShack for [URL=]Free Image Hosting[/URL]

~the Damsel Queen of Midnight, Distress

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