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Posted by joris at May 24, 2005 6:11:53 AM
Re: Opening islands in [Viridian]
Just some clarifications:

The top 10 flags in viridian do indeed puzzle a lot, and i think it is safe to conclude they do so more than midnight flags, purely because the viridian flags are bigger. As sweetiepiepi noted the system works on a curve, but the percentages are the same throughout the oceans.

There are 2 options to fixing this problem,

1. set individual percenatages for each ocean and modify them over time.
2. encourage crews to band together and form more but smaller flags to come with a balance to the other oceans. Many encouragements could be made... my favorite and (IMO) the most positive is to open smaller islands that create possibilities for these smaller flags to share a home and get more hands on governorship, compared to the current retired-midnighters running it.

Today, may the 24th (1 day after this topic was brought up) there seemed to be a jolt in the viridian top 10 boards (for crews and flags) causing 1 illustrious, 3 eminent, 4 celebrated, and 1 renowned flag to be shown. This (IMO) means that the devs changed percentages or some mechanic, and i applaud them for it.

thanks for all yer input, and hope ye reach the top 10 as well :D

p.s. still looking for something to blockade, as fame aint worth anything without isles open ;-)
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