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Posted by sweetnessc at May 24, 2005 12:26:46 AM
Re: Opening islands in [Viridian]
Astrid, everything you said about earning fame for your flag is true. The part that I think is missing is that the fame ratings are relative ratings - what this means is that the flags are scored on a curve, so the top 10% (numbers chosen for illustration, I have no idea what the real numbers are) are rated Illustrious, the next 20% are rated Eminent, the next 30% get the next rating, and so on. This means that the number of flags at each rating is determined by the number of the flags in the ocean. The problem in Viridian is that there are so few flags, that 10% of the flags = 2 flags. Your flag puzzling more might mean that you become one of the two flags that are Illustrious, but it won't mean that three flags will get to be Illustrious.
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