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Posted by joris at May 23, 2005 1:31:54 PM
Opening islands in [Viridian]
We(a bunch of the top 10 flags)'ve been waiting a few weeks now for any size of new island from outpost to large to become open for dropping of a war chest.

Granted midnight needed islands open to keep it as an active ocean, but personally i do not see a reason to keep the other oceans sober while midnight has the fun. Islands could be opened in each ocean, and in my oppinion it would be a better fight in each as mostly the people who play that ocean will attend the blockade; compared to the jumping over to 1 ocean of the past.

The fame system in viridian is still booched somewhat in viridian as the amount of flags is much smaller than in midnight (where a lot are dead) and cobalt (which does not charge a doubloon fee for starting a flag). However, if an outpost island was opened and a blockade fought this would appeal to the new members of viridian (as the islands currently taken are by old midnighters) to think of making their own flag and "conquering the world. The developers set these percentages for fame at a certain value (IMHO) to set a benchmark for how many flags there should be. Currently viridian is a small set of very very big flags. I, along with many others i have spoken to believe that more islands being opened will break some of these large flags up into the amount more endurable by the ocean.

I hereby request that any size island (outpost would be available to more flags) be released from Narya's hands and made blockadable by the last weekend of may, or the 1st weekend of june.

It just isn't fun without blockades :( [and no, unlike midnight and cobalt us viridian mates can't blockade one of the currently open islands unless we switch flags to 1/3 that can]

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