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Posted by akebia at May 20, 2003 8:42:47 AM
Moving NPPs
I know there far more pressing issues about NPPs and how they move, but here's a suggestion anyway:

Most of the time, when I want an NPP to move, I'll want it to Go Away. Like, at least half a screen away, far from me and my circle and my graphics area. Very rarely, I wish I had a way to tell an NPP to Come Here. (Some of the "Come Here" was so that I could resuce NPPs who were lost in alleys and behind trees.)

So: Perhaps "Ask to Move" could be split into two buttons: "Go Away" and "Come Here".
Perhaps "Ask to Move" could toggle between the two options, based on whether the NPP is in your circle or not. Perhaps "Ask to Move" could just work like "Go Away", but, like, actually sending the NPP away.

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