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Posted by tw11st38r at May 20, 2003 8:18:19 AM
Re: CHATTING: What did I just say? I want to say it again!
1. Where it comes in handy is, say I'm selling my clothes, I may have the same sort of spiel that i want to say again.

2. Othertimes people COMPLETELY miss what we type becasue often there is a lot going on in the chat bubbles.

3. After a battle I like to congratulate my crew, and encourage them before... it's handy to up arrow through my responses. Somtimes we're 10 and 20 battles deep. Why retype it over and over?

4. If you're yelling at a newbie to man a diff station, or people that don't look at their chat window when they place (this is addresses in a diff thread). SOmetimes i wanna yell several times... get that chat window moving.

It comes in more handy that you'd think...


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