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Posted by akebia at May 20, 2003 8:04:28 AM
Re: CHATTING: What did I just say? I want to say it again!
tw11st38r wrote: 
Then I don't have to type: "come buy stuff from me", or "well done mateys", etc, over and over.

How many well-adjusted pirates say the same thing over and over again? In my view, it's a slight inconvenience to retype what I miswrote. It's a great inconvenience for me to same on the same island as a brand new pirate who's shouting (both with /shout and in all caps) repeatedly about the kl0z he n33dz. I'd rather that the parasite have to retype and reload before shouting again; I'll accept that I'll also have to retype messages once in a while.

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