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Posted by muffy at May 20, 2003 2:04:38 AM
fun should be fun, but booty should be booty
The reward of winning a difficult-but-possible swordfight is in the ranking and the satisfaction (as well as the booty) The reward of trouncing a much weaker opponent is the booty (well, except for those pirates who think there's something impressive about beating 3 pirates with 10, I suppose...*grin*). The risk of the latter is, so I hear, in the navy and the Black Ship. The risk of the former is, of course, in the fight itself. To me, this all seems pretty equal - aye, it can get a bit boring to wander around dogpiling everything in sight, but the money is great, and then ye can afford to go out and fight the tough opponents. I think you're likely to get more booty from tough opponents anyway, as it is set up now, because they will have pillaged it from others who were not so skilled as yerselves and lost to them.
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