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Posted by Meghaford at May 19, 2003 10:32:34 PM
Re: CHATTING: What did I just say? I want to say it again!
there was some mention of this, and Peghead's reply:

Yeah... The problem here is that at the time the tell is sent to the server, we don't know
if it will succeed or not. And assuming we did save the whole message, the place where we get the response that says "bla is not online" is very removed from the code that manages the chat command history.

(see thread

It does seem a bit inconsistent tho, typing "/tlel arrrrrrr hi" will keep your full message there, while typing "/tell arrrr hi" (assuming the name is wrong) deletes the whole thing. Which I can understand from the programmers point of view, but not from the UI.
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