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Posted by emerson at May 2, 2005 11:52:09 PM
Re: Server Status: Normal (updated 7:40 PM PDT 8/19/2005)
One or more servers can go down for the following reasons:

1) Program updates. Recently, this has happened pretty frequently, and is usually announced (especially in-game). However, in the past, months have gone by without any updates.

2) Network outages. Rare, but have happened. Impossible, obviously, to predict.

3) Other mishaps. Even rarer, also impossible to predict.

Alas, you've just been hit with a bad run of luck. If you've been booted due to program updates, know that they TEND to happen earlier in the day (California time) so if you try to only log on in the afternoons/evenings, you can usually avoid those.
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