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Posted by stevoid at May 19, 2003 11:13:36 AM
Encourage harder targets
It's a nice idea to have the booty related to the toughness of the fight, but I personally like the closer fights - there's a great sense of satisfaction when your crew takes out a stronger or larger crew with only one of you left standing!

The suggestion of the booty being less if you manage to defeat a tougher opponent would make this not so worth the attempt, so you'd be better off picking on weaker crews rather than going out attacking brigs with a sloop (which was major fun yesterday!).

If it worked the other way round it would be more interesting...your crew of respected/master swordfighters takes out a brig of ultimates by the skin of its teeth so you got a bonus.

(And unless the puzzle starts regularly for all players it won't work right...quite often there's someone whose puzzle doesn't start so they die before a brick has fallen; in which case your crew is disadvantaged by missing a player already.)

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