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Posted by Nemo at Apr 25, 2005 3:57:02 AM
Re: [Fin] Island Metropolis: Due 4/22
Judging Finished!

Wonderful entries, mates! I hope you had as much fun as I did. Although, walking through dozens of metropoli gets very tiring! I think next time I'll have a "Design a Tiny Outpost with Lots of Chairs and Comfy Pillows" contest.

The competition was very tight, so there are many represented in the runners up. It was also close for the number one slot, with several other very strong showings. Everyone did a wonderful job, and I'm very impressed. Your work was lovely, and I invite all of you to help us make official islands in the future.

If you are not a runner up, look to what they've done. Open their XMLs and see their techniques first hand. Everyone improves with every island they make, so keep at it. There will be future contests, and it's fun just to make islands anyway!
Oh, and make sure you actually met the requirements of the contest. There were some cute islands that didn't have enough buildings.

And now, the Runners Up (in alphabetical order by island):

Akora, by Escal
Bilge, by Ahriman
Familiaris, by Gnarr
Faraday, by Mouflon
Haupstadt, by Gloraelin
Heartbreak, by Raiviaira
Jamdown, by Looseweed
Mapperly, by Silvertooth
Nemopolis, by Tomyris
Sandbar, by Thalatta
Tosten, by Ellie
Vendetta, by Kingofcards
Vulcan, by Starfaller
Weavers', by Jallie
Wyethia, by Llama

Grand Prize Winner:

Civita, by Sseth!

A bijou little big island with a great sense of topography, lovely mixing of man and nature, and excellent use of ground tiles.

Thanks, everyone, for these great entries. I look forward to more to come!
-Avatar by AlexisAngel-

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