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Posted by muffy at May 16, 2003 4:51:21 AM
Taking out a ship
Well, the first thing to decide is if you are planning to pillage, trade, or both. Based on this, and which raw material you're planning on fetching, if any, select the size and staffing of your ship. For example, if you are trading in iron, and not pillaging, you can probably get away with a lightly-staffed small sloop, but if you're trading in sugar cane and pillaging you probably want a heavily-staffed large sloop.

Having selected your ship, you want to make sure you have enough rum for the voyage. If you're pillaging, you might also want some cannonballs. Purchase these as needed. Make sure to also place some money into your hold at this time. You'll want enough to pay any npps you might hire for the duration of your voyage (or until you successfully pillage, if it is a pillaging trip). If you're trading, you also need enough to purchase the quantity of raw materials you're planning on purchasing. While you're on board the ship shopping, go ahead and chart your course, so you're ready to sail when your crew comes on board. Note that you'll need a map from where you are to your destination to do this. If you don't have one, go over to the shipwright's and buy one, or pick a spare up from a player.

Now get your crew together. If you want player jobbers, post a notice on the pillar. When someone applies for the job, use "/job" to hire them, then direct them to the correct ship. If you want to hire npp jobbers, put sufficent startup money in your pocket and head to the far end of town. Come back towards the docks, hiring npps as you go until you have sufficent. Check out the skill sets carefully. You probably want a good sailor and a good carpenter, at minimum. For pillaging, you're naturally going to want some good fighters. For trading, you might want extra-good sailors, in order to flee if necessary. For the combination, you probably want some of both. Your own experience and methods will dictate what skills to look for and in what combination.

Go on board your ship. Your npps will follow. Assign them to the correct tasks, based on your needs and their skills. Similarly assign your pps. Now set sail.
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