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Posted by Christoban at Apr 16, 2005 9:46:17 AM
Re: Flag and crew name sniping in Viridian
fr4nk wrote: 
Viridian's been open for awhile now.. if you wanted to create your crew, why didn't you? No offense but getting angry about this now is kind of silly.

Not angry, just curious. (so far)

Christoban, twice, wrote: 
..really, I'm just curious (so far)..

Can someone start up the Crimson Tide flag on Viridian? Can someone start up the Pirates of the Damned on Viridian? What about the second or third or fourth or fifth dubloon servers that the ringers are forced to open when the Ubisoft release hits the shelves?

It's a valid question, Misery, don't turn it into a parlay whinefest. Can I be king of Crimson Tide on Viridian2? I'm asking what the ringer policy is, because they've already determined that some names are 'ypp-copywright' worthy, like characters named "Whitefire," for instance.
game design wrote: 
..let's see, we have thing A and thing B, with thing B currently not implemented yet. Thing A leads to people stabbing themselves in the eye, as does thing B... but since A already exists..

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