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Posted by bigbeltbart at Apr 9, 2005 6:49:15 AM
Re: [Muse Game] Pirate Pantheon
Dubya-tea Eff (lesser goddess)

Goddess of misfortune and confusion. Dubya-tea Eff is exceedingly jealous of her sister Ess Eff, whom she believes has an undue amount of worshippers. In a brilliant plan to undermine her sister's divine power, Dubya-tea Eff adopted her nephew En'stah to focus his destructive force against those who follow Ess Eff.

It is a curious fact that Dubya-tea Eff is only invoked after things have gone south, as if the mortal was unaware of her meddling presence until the killing blow. She is commonly invoked with her consort, Oehmjee.

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