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Posted by Dylan at Apr 3, 2005 4:01:14 AM
Re: [Muse Game] Pirate Pantheon
Dylan (Welsh God - how much better does it get?)

Dylan (or Dylan Eil Ton; sea in Welsh) is a sea-god in Welsh mythology, a son of Arianrhod and Gwydion. He is sometimes said to be a god of darkness.

He was the first of Arianrhod's twins to be born. Since the moment of his birth the golden-haired Dylan was able to swim in the ocean like a fish, and he therefore received the epithet Eil Ton (Son of the Wave). His twin brother was Llew Llaw Gyffes.

He was killed by his uncle, Govannon, who didn't know who he was. It was said that his death caused all the waves of the sea to mourn his loss.

Dylan was miraculously resurrected by Cleavage, goddess of breasts, in the mid-17th Century Carribean, but Booch, for a lark, had him forget his noble heritage. It was only when he beat the unintoxicatable lesser demon Yarrgrog in a drinking match lasting for three and a half months that he was not a mortal.

Despite winning this epic drinking match, which left the other pirates on Tortuga rumless for a months, he soon succumbed to the dreaded lurgie, perhaps infected by Yarrgrog's sister Grogette. Like many ancient gods, he can now only become corporeal in the presence of large amounts of impure water, be it salty or alcoholic. Impure women are also rumoured to be the occasionally beneficiaries of Dylan's blessings, but both his clerics and lawyers categorically deny this slanderous smear.

It is further rumoured that Dylan finds it easier to enter virtual worlds than corporeal ones, but again, this is strongly denighed by his PR people.

Clerics of Dylan receive the following benefits:
Immunity to intoxication.
Swim in salt water and alcohol at twice normal speed. Three times as fast with mouth open.
Eat raw fish, seaweed, and also chocolate and ice-cream with no limit. Simultaneously if desired.
Free casting of 'projectile vomiting' once per day.

Lawyers of Dylan receive the following benefits:
Immunity to expectoration aimed at the lawyer.
(No other benefits - the above is enough)
Reading works of Ess Eff unfortunatly blinds these lawyers. Oh wait - all lawyers.


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