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Posted by Vexorg at Apr 3, 2005 1:58:00 AM
Re: [Muse Game] Pirate Pantheon
Booch (Lesser demon)

Although a trickster at heart, Booch bears a millenia-old grudge against Bling, and seeks to foil his works at every turn. To mortals, the works of Booch are most often manifest in the form of what appear to be tiny mistakes, which start a slippery slope leading to often disastrous consequences. Booch spends most of his time following [URL=]Ess Eff[/url] around and bedeviling those who are driven to conflict. A defeated pirate has been known to curse the names of [URL=]Breaker[/url] or [URL=]Teeming[/url] in their defeat, but fail to recognize that it may have been Booch to blame for their downfall. Booch has also been the bane of the followers of Kharp, Bilj, Sayhl and Naav as well. Fortunately for mortals at sea, an actual visit from Booch is rare. Unfortunately for them, it is because they often do not need the help to make a pig's breakfast of their work. Although he has little power to physically affect the actions of mortals, for some unknown reason, he can occasionally reverse the course of a ship at sea.
Vexorg: Apparently still in some crew somewhere, Midnight
(May actually exist)
Yee: No, it's not a breakfast cereal.
AtteSmythe wrote: 
Mmm, community-built hype. Better than the real thing, with less work!

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