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Posted by Obaba at Apr 1, 2005 7:46:26 PM
Re: [Muse Game] Pirate Pantheon
Lahgowt (demigod)

A monsterous beast that gaurds the path into Ess Eff's garden, along with Er'ohr and
Bso' Death. Known to prey upon stragglers that enter to pay homage, they curse her name as she binds them in a inescapable web that hinders, then bites with a paralyzing venom.
Such victims never see the the bounties of the garden or are sometimes plauged by illusions that they have achived their goal only to find they have been denied!
Toji - Captain of "The Depths"
Obaba - Fleet Officer and Muse of "Le Freccette"
YPP Comic- The Depths of Midnight
Avvie by Pogo

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