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Posted by Nemo at Apr 1, 2005 10:57:30 AM
Re: [Muse Game] Pirate Pantheon
Breaker (lesser god)

Impish child of Bling and Ess Eff, fickle Breaker hears her name incanted more than any other god in the Pantheon. Vain and mercurial, she holds her precious sack of shatter pieces ransom, awaiting her name. "Breaker! Come on comeon comoncomon! Breaker! " Sometimes she grants her garrulous disciple a boon to offer up to her ostentatious father, Bling. But if she is displeased, which is often, she withholds her combative cargo and enjoys the downfall of the ambitious builder.
Always attending to her mother, Ess Eff, Breaker plays in mother's garden and taunts her subjects. She delights in showering duelists with early pieces, and then leaving them bereft at opportune moments. But this is only to make them appreciate her all the more when she swoops in at the last second with a stack of just the right ones. Offer your thanks for these times if you plan to spend long in the realm of Ess Eff, for Breaker favors few and sways much!
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