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Posted by Nemo at Apr 1, 2005 10:57:08 AM
[Muse Game] Pirate Pantheon
"Pirate Pantheon" is a Muse Game for everyone to play, and everyone to win.

  • ]1) Read previous entries.
  • ]2) Choose an unused god or create a new one.
  • ]3) Describe it informatively and refer it to at least one previously-posted god, with a link to that god's entry.
  • ]4) Refer to a new god that you make up, but don't describe.
  • ]5) Post it.
  • ]6) Repeat.[/list:u:2a4bcc5dc5]

    Have fun, and be creative, especially in connecting your gods with intricate olympian relationships, and in their bearings on the Y!PP world.
    -Avatar by AlexisAngel-

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