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Posted by Anonymous at May 13, 2003 10:07:13 AM
Slow Screen Load Time
Ahoy! Realizin' that this may well be the fault o' my video card, I'm askin' whether any others experience a bit o' lagggggggg time when moving from screen to screen in a town? The most frus-ter-atin' part of this is when I be below decks pumping bilge (me favorite puzzle!) and the ship pulls into port. By the time I get back on deck, the ship has sailed again. Ah well, perhaps I'll just become the cham-peen bilge pumper!

Fairs winds to ye,


(OOC: I've got a P4 with a fast CPU but I think it's time for an even more powerful video card! One'a them Nvidia GeForce with ultra power pack!)

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