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Posted by dale7 at Feb 23, 2005 9:13:20 AM
Re: Supplying ships with rum and cannonballs
OK I'll jump into this one myself. On a NORMAL sloop pillage I leave port with 40 Rum and 150 CB's. Why so many? Because I usually take a bunch of greenies out with their SF ratings I like to make sure I max out everything I battle. (plus i'm Trigger happy /me LIKES guns) and The rum because I'm a drunk. LOL But my pillages are normally from Heph Forge to Heph Forge by way of Namath, Rhyno, Lam and Xi. so it's a LONG run. Greenies come and greenies go but I don't port until I get back to Heph Forge. And before it's said As long as they work and don't leave in battle the greenies get their full share. It gets Banked on Heph Forge for them.
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