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Posted by Flak_88 at Feb 23, 2005 8:44:59 AM
Re: Supplying ships with rum and cannonballs
My typical pillage hiring jobbers I probably use (not stock) 20 rum and 60-70 shots in war brig. 4 leagues with greenies that usually does you just fine, and you'll fight maybe 5-6 battles.

If the majority of those on the boat are good, and I'm well staffed, I go 50 rum and upwards of 150 cannonballs.

There's a large range depending on how long between porting and how slow you are. Fighting sailors you'll hardly need to shoot. Liz's number is a good safe number for the average.

Edit -- she edited it, I wouldn't go as low as 50 medium cannonballs, but if you are smart with them, you could get by with that just fine.
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