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Posted by Nemo at May 8, 2003 1:49:40 AM
Shipping questions
Well, this has steered nearly fully away from my original intent, but so be it.

Larger ships do require larger minimum crews. A brig, say, will take damage more slowly than a small sloop, but once it is damaged, it takes a much more concerted carpentry effort to repair it. A brig also needs more sailors to move at the same speed as a small sloop, but can add more sailors on top of that, and carry more of everything, and have more guns, etc. So, one shouldn't say "I want to go fast so I should get X ship." Instead, "My crew generally has this many pirates on and so should field X ship to fit our numbers."

And as for Muffy's gold-smuggling techniques, indeed, that should become obsolete within a few days.

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