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Posted by muffy at May 7, 2003 10:43:15 AM
upkeep costs, being pillaged, etc.
I've been recommending that people start out with 10K or so for their crew. Just an estimate, but I seem to spend about 3K setting up for a pillage-and-trade voyage, plus I like to go out with about 30 units of rum, which is another 1K. I'd recommend pillage-and-trade with the large sloop, which costs 6K, as it actually has room for a reasonable volume of raw materials, and you can load up enough fighters to fight off attacks. Get at least one great sailor.

As far as being pillaged, with all these new crews out there, there are many who seem eager to pillage other player ships, so ye can expect one or two attacks at least. If ye go with the large sloop with a goodly number of fighters, ye'll have a good chance of winning the fight.

Player-vs-player can be a lot of fun, when the teams are about even. I find it to be just time consuming when I'm out to make money, however, since, as Frederico says, player ships tend to be substantially poorer. Tip here: if you're about to lose a battle, grab all the cash out of your hold before the battle is over - that will reduce what gets taken from you. (This won't hold true forever, I hear). In addition, make sure to divide the booty whenever you get to port. Don't try to trade too much if you're understaffed, as your profits will get eaten up by the looting.

Oh, and Frederico, I know ye've turned a profit...*grin*.
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