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Posted by Nemo at May 7, 2003 9:57:52 AM
First round of new player answers
The first answer I must make is that the game will certainly not be free forever. We developers don't enjoy ramen that much. However, the final price will be modest and resourceful brigands such as yourselves should have no trouble finding the necessary pieces of eight. The Launch phase will signify the beginning of pay for you and the beginning of three square meals for us.

As for ships, one thing to keep in mind is that ships are crew property. Regardless of who purchases a ship, anyone in that player's crew can now board it freely. Of course, if you start your own crew, this is not an issue. But, if you are already in a crew and don't intend to start one you should consider the value. Buying your own ship may be nice, but if your crew doesn't need a new ship, the expenditure may not be worth it.
Ships themselves require no upkeep, but using them does. Oceangoing crews consume rum and will perform below their abilities if deprived of their drink. Cannonballs are quite useful in naval battles and also cost money. Shortly, repairs to your ship (if you are damaged in battle, or just from wear and tear) will actually consume wood, so keeping a supply of lumber onboard will also drain your purse.

Any time you venture off an island, you run the risk of high-seas piracy. I'll allow a far-sailing captain to comment on the frequency of these attacks, but you should always keep your wits about you. If you are attacked, have no fear. Your ship won't be sunk and you will always be able to limp home and enact repairs. Also, attackers can only take a small percentage of your posessions, so you won't be cleaned out if you lose a battle.

Ship differences involve hold size, number of stations, maximum crew, maximum cannon (and cannon type), orientation of stations, damage accumulation, number of beds (currently not relevant), and general impressiveness.

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