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Posted by Nemo at May 7, 2003 7:50:38 AM
Ahoy New Players!
Alpha island be clamborin' with new Men (an' Women!) o' Fortune these days, an' 'ey all find a need t'ask some o' the same questions. Now, t'ain't a thing wrong wiv askin' an' so here's a fine place fer it (an' more).
This thread be fer ye fresh swabs lookin' t'plan yer first crews, ask questions without embarassment an' otherwise get yer feet wet in the deep an' swift waters o' the Puzzle Pirates Forum.

Some quick explanations, a lot of which Cleaver already covered in yer e-mail:

The game be in Alpha stage, after which comes Beta and then Launch (or Release) an' then various other updates an' expansions. We issue many "releases" of new material as we go, but the big Release is still a ways off.

Sometimes we'll need to wipe things (like all o' yer clothes, or gold, etc.). We'll warn ye, but this be a free Alpha test an' we need t'do that sort o' thing to find out things we need to know.

The newest bits o' the game be the large-scale tradin'. A lot o' what ye do in shops be in its first phase an' can be a bit confusin' at first (while things like the Sword Puzzle 'ave been refined over many updates). If ye just started an' all the shop interfaces be muddlin' yer brain, go play some puzzles an' job on some ships first. Come back when yer comfortable.

Above all, be piratey. Git yerself a piratey name (if yer current one be dissatisfyin' to ye, ye can just make a new character an' ye will lose next t'nothin' in the transfer) an' start sayin' "Yar!" an' "Avast!" an' "Ye jack-an-apes, I'll keelhaul ye an' send ye overboard t'Davy Jones!"

So, anyway, mateys, post 'ere fer introductions, beginnin' questions an' the like, an' by all means, enjoy the pirate life!

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