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Posted by Wobblysquab at Feb 10, 2020 9:24:59 AM
Person with too much tat sells tat
Hiyas! Everything here is all new. I'll let people send me offers unless I've stated prices below. If you want my tat, either message me in-game or chuck a PM to me. Thanks! :)



Gators 50k each (lime/green and tan/green ones 75k each)
Black cats and small dog 30k each
Black pig 70k
Gold bunnies 70k each
Gold pandas 90k each
Gold fox 100k
Gold hedgehog 80k
Gold sea turtles 100k each
Pelican 70k

ice penguin/crimson fox/gold yeti offers please :)


Golds 30k each
Ice blue 20k each
Plums and wines 25k each


Hair dyes/'stache waxes
(Will split the hair dyes up as requested)
Moustache waxes 5k each - all single swigs

Squabbles/Lacklustre/Wobblysquab on Emerald

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