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Posted by CapnKkatz at Jan 28, 2020 9:00:52 PM
[Rendering Eggs 2020] Test your egg renders here!
This is the test rendering thread for this year's egg design contest !

If you want help with having your designs converted into rendered eggies, you will need to post your designs to this thread and have them named and saved in a standard naming scheme for your file. This makes the process quicker and easier.

Please use the following naming scheme:
Yourname -Eggname # _skin.png

Note that your design needs to be sized as 256 x 256 pixels and saved in the PNG format
. Any other format will not be rendered.

-Change Yourname to your forum or character name.
-Replace Eggname with a short design name for your egg
-# being the copy/version number. ie. 01, 02, 03, etc.
-You don't have to do anything to _skin.png
-After rendering we can easily remove the _skin indicator and save it as Yourname-Eggname#.png

An example is:
Greyladyy-EggPattern01 _skin.png

Please note, we will not be rendering any skin that is not saved in this naming format. That means you will need to use an image sharing website that will NOT change your file name.

Where should you save your test image?
We highly recommend using or CloudApp. (or they are both the same) AND CloupApp (which has a free option of saving 10 files per day) do not change the naming, they do not have ads and the direct link actually is a direct link! Please use one of these websites for providing us your designs that you want rendered. Also, if you know of another image sharing website that doesn't alter the file names please share!

The trouble with ....
TinyPic and Imgur:
Please DO NOT use TinyPic or Imgur as that application generates a random code instead of maintaining the file name. This makes rendering MUCH more difficult and as such we will not be rendering files saved on these websites.

Please do not use Photobucket for your test renders. Photobucket does not provide an easy way to save your image. Even when you- as entrants- provide a 'direct link' it still takes us to the photobucket html page. So to save a photobucket image, rather than right clicking on image and saving your image file, with photobucket we have to right click and select view image. This then takes us to the photobucket website page. Once on that page we have to 'select the enlarge/magnifying glass icon' which then opens the file page (as no right clicking is allowed), then we have to 'right click view image' via that page to open the image so we can then 'right click save image' in order to actually save the image file in order to actually render it for ye. And that's assuming that Photobucket is actually working (which lately its been down a LOT). So, if ye still must use photobucket, please make sure of the following:
Is Photobucket renaming yer files?
Try changing: User Settings > Privacy > deselect File Name Scrambling (Thanks for the tip Dexla!)
Is photobucket not letting us save the image?
Please be sure and use the direct link, not the html link. You may have to hunt for the actual link! Thank ye!

So for these reasons, we have found that we really do require you to save your design images to or another application that maintains the file name. Thank ye so much. AND if you know of a new application that doesn't alter your file name or size please share and I'll update this post! Thank ye!!!

Feedback on rendered designs belongs in this thread, but any discussion or questions about the event itself might be better in the main event thread :D

- Copied and pasted from last years egg test rendering thread with updates for image host info.
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