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Posted by blacksnot at Jan 7, 2020 1:16:56 PM
Re: Buying/Selling Limited Edition Vessels
SELLING CELESTIAL CLASS SLOOP originally released Nov/Dec 2013.

This vessel sports a fully custom rename (18 Rogue Mark value)
" SAGA SATURN " (Emerald Ocean)

c/o is 2.5M (POES ONLY / NO TRADES)

The rename of this vessel was inspired by two things:
#1 'Saga' is a word used to describe a very long journey. For example, endless space exploration (which was also the main theme of the Celestial Class sloop and comes with a Planetarium scene onboard).
#2 'Saturn' was included to describe this LE's associated icon which resembles, at least from my observation is a depiction of what could be recognized as the planet Saturn.

Thus, Saga Saturn was born 6 years ago is now available for new ownership!

Any similarity associated with alternate products currently available in the past or present is purely coincidental. I have owned this vessel since its initial release in 2013 and had it renamed by an OM at the time (when I was also much more active).

All guidlines under the Puzzle Pirates Terms of Service have been met and followed and respected accordingly.

Very rare and highly sought after vessel !! This vessel is very unique and highly admired among ship collector's alike :D If all goes well I may list more items!

c/o is 2.5M (POES ONLY / NO TRADES) ... Highest Bidder Wins!

Bidding on this item will end Jan 25 (Sat) @ 9:00PM PST on the Emerald Ocean

Please find BLACKTEACH in game to complete the transaction


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