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Posted by zapadapa at Jun 14, 2019 9:23:34 PM
Re: Trophy Suggestion Thread
I want a trophy for completing a masterpiece in Blacksmithing.

For Witch Doctor in Alchemistry

For either Loomin Large or Unbeweavable in Weaving.

Not sure about what to do with shipwright or distilling. I would say CC^12 (or more) for distilling, but that's sort of required to get an incredible?I'm suggesting trophies for something that requires a bit more than basic incredible.

And something in distilling based on spices would end up being pure luck.


Blacksmith: Definitely for MP, I have never yet achieved that. What about for completing a certain number of alternating sets? My best is 6.

Alch: Do you mean Voodoo (11 bottles at once)? Witch Doctor (10 bottles) is not that unusual, but neither is Voodoo with the Quicksilver.
Or do you mean Wicked! (6 colours in one fill). Now that is something I have only had 15 times in my whole life of playing Alch. But what about Transmutation! (7 colours)? Has anyone ever got that? Maybe Nickbush or Tzz? I think there is a video out there.

Weaving: I tend to get those by accident.

SW: Maybe up to a certain number of Vegases? What's the most anyone has had? It is mostly luck though. 12 is my best.

I can't speak for distilling, I am lucky to get CC7 or 8.
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