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Posted by thenatedogg at Jun 13, 2019 4:20:28 PM
Re: [Event] Come Fight Me! Pillage an Oceanmaster!
Considering a lot of us left the game or at least the ocean with Obsidian’s final crash about two months ago I would politely like to request the OMs post an actual time and date for this event. Giving us that would give players a time and reason to log back onto the ocean and so that we could actually rustle up the players and friends to run a sloop to partake in the event. I am personally on Eastern Standard Time and when I log on at any point in the past month there are literally five players or less online. How many of those are afk or just not interested makes it so I don’t see this event without scheduling as very viable. One the flip side post a time(s) and date(s) and I know some ex flaggies who I could hopefully rustle into having some fun on the only ocean I personally care about. Thanks for the event meanwhile wish it was sooner but it is what it is I guess.
Mattatron on Obsidian

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