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Posted by Hera at Jun 12, 2019 4:26:44 PM
[Event] Come Fight Me! Pillage an Oceanmaster!

Coming soon, some Ocean Masters will be sailing random routes on Obsidian at random times in sloops with goods that can be pillaged! Ever fancied lining up an OM in yer gunning sites and blowing holes in their ships? This is the event for you!

When: Random Times, starting soon!
Who: Hera! Nemesis! Clotho!
Where: Obsidian!
How: ???

We will broadcast that we are sailing so you will know when one of us is about and available to attack. There will be multiple ships named 'Come Fight Me'; after we are engaged we may then change ship and start sailing a different route depending on the damage we have taken, how much loot we have left or simply how mean we are feeling at the time!

Different Oceanmasters may have different strategies for the battle; some of us aren't as incredible at battle navigation as others! Please note:

  • We may run and you may have to chase us!
  • We may try to blow holes back into you!
  • Engaging us will not guarantee you a win!
  • You will need to pay attention to might rings
  • We won't rescue you from El Pollo Diablo if you invoke its wraith!
  • At times there may be more than one OM on board!
  • We may be vindictive and broadcast that we lost and to whom and where that boat is!
  • We like to be sneaky!
  • We may 'egg' your ship if we are displeased! (Well, Hera may...)
  • You may feel our wraith in other ways!
  • Expect the unexpected!

Whats in it for me?: Filling my ship full o' holes not enough for you? Really?? Well, the holds will be full o' rum, shot and some other shiny things so you can have bragging rights about how you took goods from an Ocean Master. Keep in mind, however, if we win we get to keep yer booty and we won't return it! We may also be vengeful about the loss and broadcast the location and name of yer vessel to encourage others to engage you.

If we all have fun with this, we will continue to run it so at this time we are not giving an end date!

Anything else to know?
Yes! Not all OMs will be participating; please don't send requests via tells or petitions for us to sail as we won't. We will try to do this at a range of times so that everyone has a fair chance of attacking us but please be aware we will not be doing this 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Times will be at the Ocean Masters discretion.

Sun says, "Selling Hera, one careful owner, slightly foxed, very Zeused, for 800 million billion PoE, 250 indigo ribbons, a chipmunk familiar called Robin and a piece of moss!"

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