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Posted by amberash at May 24, 2019 8:04:04 PM
Shoppes for sale
I have a few shoppes I am willing to part with if someone is active on the ocean and would like them.

Toilet Water Dist on Hadrian
Mario Paints Appoth Stormy Fell
Nappy Depot Weavery Hadrian
Scotch Whisky Dist. Nappy Peak
Royal Treads Weavery Napi
Seamonster Shots IM Napi
Aprocryphal Apothecary Kirin
Bomberman's Basement Furnie Stormy Fell

If interested send an offer either in PM here, or a tell to Senara on Emerald.
Amberash Meridian Ocean
Amberash on Obsidian
Senara on Emerald

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