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Posted by wuppypuppy2 at Apr 25, 2019 3:50:32 PM
"Surprise Release" Portrait backgrounds never released
Two and a half years ago, the Revamped Edition of the Portrait Background contest took place. Among the winners were three backgrounds set aside as "Surprise Release" backgrounds-- two of which, I designed.

To this day, they have not been released. About a year ago, a few of us asked about the status and have heard no word. I sent in a petition asking about them today, and was directed to the forums.

Can we ever expect to see them? It's pretty discouraging to have put hours into backgrounds I was proud of and never have them see the light. I understand that a lot has happened in the time since the background contest took place, but this far down the line, my patience is kind of wearing out. If new eggs can be released, three new, already-designed backgrounds can too, right?
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