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Posted by wrs1864b at Apr 16, 2019 6:42:48 AM
Re: Warehouses
I looked around and I didn't see anyone ask this question before. If someone did and it missed me, I'm sorry!

typing "warehouse" into the yppedia will get you a long list of warehouse threads. Lots of useful in the yppedia. For this subject, another useful link is List of commodity storage capacities of ships

In my experience, warehouses wouldn't be that much of an improvement. For most products in most stores, a sloop can give all the extra storage you need. With four shops on a single island, I got by with a MB.

Sure, the prices of sugar cane varies from maybe 4-5PoE/unit to sometimes over 8PoE/unit which is a whoping 100% range, but since a GF only holds 8100 units of cane, you are still only talking about 32k PoE. To break even on the price of a GF, you have to do quite a few price cycles, which can take years. A warehouse would have rent, which would eat away most, if not all of the advantage.

Even though the price swings on cane is "large", it is still pretty small compared to all the other costs of making booze, like labor and rent. If the cost of sugar cane is really that significant, you are probably better off opening a store on an island where cane (and wood) are cheap and shipping the resulting booze to a small stall where booze is selling for a hight price. I once had a small distillery stall that made tens of thousands of PoE/week and never made a drop of booze.

There are several of ways of getting "free" storage:

First, if you are near a bid market, you can place lots of bid tickets when prices are cheap and then deliver them when prices are expensive.

Second, if it isn't worth your time to ship cane (and it usually isn't), when the <merchant> bots deliver cane cheaply, fill up your store's queue with orders. Both options let you get many GF's worth of storage for free.

A third option that I used was to use my blockade fleet as storage. This is only useful if you are the owner of the island where your stores are and are willing to risk losing the stock if you get blockaded.

As a governor, I also used the palace and estate agent to act as a warehouse for the entire island, buying low and selling a little higher so that any store can get bulky goods. But, of course, you can also restrict them to just yourself.

Edit: Oh, another option I used was to open a furnisher and use its huge hold capacity. That means that that you have to make enough profit off the furnisher to pay its high rent and furnishers are complicated.
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