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Posted by Misfortuned at Apr 16, 2019 4:02:47 AM
So the other day I was going through the storage ships, looking our stockpile of sugar cane for our distillery. And since we have several Storage Ships, it can get pretty hectic, especially when several people can access said ships and move commodities around. And that got me thinking...

Is it possible to implement a Warehouse Building? Where you can easily access the commodities and transfer them to whichever shoppe or ship ye want? Something with a lot more capacity than a Grand Frigate. Where you can truly stockpile goods. The system could be similar to that of stalls as to avoid islands becoming cluttered with warehouses.
There could even be several warehouse sizes:

Small Warehouse: x2 capacity of GF (1,620,000 liters)
Medium Warehouse: x4 capacity of GF (3,240,000 liters)
Deluxe Warehouse: x8 capacity of GF (6,480,000 liters)

It could also have a direct connection to the island market bidding/market.

Another positive aspect would be the facilitation of managing several shoppes with other people/crew. This way the commoditites would be safe and only be accessible to the warehouse/shoppe managers!

I looked around and I didn't see anyone ask this question before. If someone did and it missed me, I'm sorry!

EDIT: I toyed around a bit with the Scene Editor and came up with a sketch.

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