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Posted by Clotho at Mar 21, 2019 11:00:28 PM
Re: EGG Design Contest 2019! Design Furniture for the Game [Winners announced!]
We have winners! Druuuuumroll!

Arfu's Dragon Fruit Egg

Arianne's Red Fox Egg

Budclare's Swirly Blue Egg

Cattrin's Purple Tulip Egg

Etrigan's Tartan Egg

Faeree's Scandi Egg

Greyladyy's Polar Bear Egg

Herowena's Leather Egg

Kevinstar's Rainbow Fishscale Egg

Kittykitty's Mondrian Egg

Ozzy's Bowtie Egg

Vanleigh's Minoan Egg

The prizes and trophy (if you don't already have it) will be delivered as soon as the eggs are in game. Please note that these may not be the final rotations/angles.The names may not be final and I don't have information on when these will be released, nor on which eggs will be available in the Palace Shoppe, what the prices will be, or which eggs will be events-only. If you're not one of the winners picked this year, don't despair - there's always next year. And chances are that one of your eggs was somebody's favorite!

Winners may choose if they want both copies of their design on the same pirate/ocean or if they want the second copy on a different ocean on the same account. The first copy will be delivered to the pirate and ocean in your entry, please contact me via petition with the title "FAO:Clotho" with confirmation of the pirate and ocean (on the same account) where you'd like the second egg delivered*.

Thank you everyone for participating, you are who make this event wonderful! Special thanks to our eggstraordinary renderers, Greylady and Faeree, who scramble the best renderings!

* Eggs will be delivered once they are available in game.
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