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Posted by hidemyhoney at Mar 6, 2019 2:42:21 PM
Re: Let's make Puzzle Pirates Great Again
I think people don't realize that everything in this day and age is about marketing and it doesn't take much but to pay someone to advertise something is not that serious. if you think about it, dropping a few payments will give you money when new players come in subscribing

Advertising does not make a difference, advertising an old broken game that requires so much time out of your daily life, makes that commitment very difficult to come back if you want to give up your social life. For example if you advertised club penguin in its last 2 years it didn't make a difference. The only way to move in the positive direction is moving in single player aspect more. Maybe the answer is skilled swabbies for other voyages, or making aspects in the game more possible.
Support Sov! and I miss Jake :(

Bring the positives from obsidian ocean to main oceans!

Idk why people use alts to be relevant bashing everything.......

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