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Posted by Coboltxx at Mar 3, 2019 3:06:36 PM
Ultimate Docktart: A Scavenger Hunt
Many people claim to be ultimate standing in docktarting, it's time we find #1 once and for all.

Beginning March 23rd, 9:30am GT, there will be an ocean wide rock scavenger hunt (its best stock up on whisking potions and get those islands on your map you don?t already have.)

This event will run for roughly 1 hour and will run as follows;
The first clue will be posted on this forum post and discord (link to Negative Regards discord given out upon signing up) at the start time of the event. To sign up for this event. Please message Coboltx#0629 on discord.

When you have solved a clue, you must screen shot the dock, send the photo and the name of the island to Coboltx on discord (Coboltx#0629).Screen shots will need to include a timestamp (/info) to ensure you have actually visited the island at the time of the event.

Clues will look like this;
When on this dock you're not alone,
An island no one can hold the throne.
There is but a long boardwalk,
You can always come here to talk.
(Actual clues will be harder)

The first 3 pirates to solve all 5 clues, will receive -
1st - 100k + Choice of Lobster
2nd - 100k + Choice of Lobster
3rd - 100k + Choice of Lobster

Winners will choose lobster in order of finishing. Available colours are:
Violet/Lavender, Yellow/ Light-Green, Navy/Mint, Blue/Mint and Light Blue/Mint.

To sign up, leave a comment on this forum post, send Coboltx a tell in game, or a message on discord.

Negative Regards, Coboltx.

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